Updated Feb 09, 2022

What does CDSL do?

What does CDSL do?



CDSL, or Central Depository Services (India) Ltd, is India's second central securities depository, and the government owns it as a registered depository. It holds various securities in an electronic format, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. CDSL is a company that works for the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and was established in February 1999.

Features of CDSL

The primary characteristic of CDSL is the ability to hold securities in either certificated or uncertificated form. It aids in overcoming the challenge of registering transactions in the books and only transferring securities in the physical condition up to 500 shares to circumvent the problem. Most traders choose to hold their assets in electronic format for trading purposes, which is becoming more popular.

How does CDSL works?

A depository functions in the same way as a bank, with the main difference being that a bank stores money, while a CDSL holds stocks, bonds, and other securities. Upon request from an investor via a registered Depository Participant, it serves as an administrative entity that owns the investors' stakes in an electronic format (DP).

The fundamental goal of Central Depository Service Limited is to provide investors and traders with depository services that are safe, dependable, beneficial, and secure. The CDSL began operations in February 1999 after obtaining India's Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) approval to do so. They provide various services for keeping assets such as stocks, bonds, commercial papers, government bonds, and certificates of deposit, among others.

Depository Participants

Investors may benefit from depository services provided by a depository participant (P). According to the Securities and Exchange Board, financial institutions, banks, custodians, and stockbrokers can function as DPs. It is a CDSL. The approved agent serves as a connection between the account holder or Beneficial Owner (BO), the issuing firm, the Stock Exchange, and many other parties, including the account holder or Beneficial Owner.

The Central Depository Service Limited has been granted DP status to provide this service to investors all across India who are dealing with assets that have been converted to digital form. To utilize the operations of Central Depository Service Limited, the Beneficial Owner must maintain a Demat account, which also includes the capabilities of dematerialization and transfer of securities, to the Beneficial Owner.

Demat Account

Owning a Demat account is a requirement for utilizing Central Depository Service Limited's services. Demat accounts may be opened using the same paperwork required to create a bank account. In addition to using CDSL's services, the Demat account may also be used to trade stocks and securities.


  1. Having all the shares held electronically reduces the danger of theft or damage to physical ownership certificates for Central Depository Service Limited's primary advantage over competing registrars.
  2. Investors do not have to pay stamp duty when transferring securities in a dematerialized manner.
  3. Firms might use this method to reward their investors directly in the event of a proper or bonus issuance of shares.
  4. Listed companies provide investors with up-to-the-minute information about their holdings and the performance of the listed company's management team.
  5. To assist investors in making well-informed choices about their financial future, the Central Depository Service Limited sends a statement that summarizes all assets for the specified period.


  • With a Demat account, it's hard to take satisfaction in owning actual certificates.
  • Electronic depository services are now unknown to rural residents who used to keep physical certificates as proof of purchase.
  • A Demat account, where the government keeps track of all financial activities and the associated money, is where all investments are made.
  • The Central Depository Service Limited holder must adhere to various regulatory frameworks encompassing the numerous depositories Act, rules, and by-laws.


Many individuals use CDSL to register a Demat account and begin trading or investing in the stock market now that the stock market has become more widely known and updated. For some, trading and investing may be a source of passive income, while it's a full-time job for others. Central Depository Service Limited (CDSL) is necessary for financial markets and investors alike. These factors have inspired many investors and traders in the stock market.

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